How to Create/Register Andhra Bank Mobile Banking Registration – [Mobile Number Registration]

By | January 2, 2018

How to Create/Register Andhra Bank Mobile Banking Registration – [Mobile Number Registration] / M-Banking-Registration: Check complete Guide and get information about how to register mobile number in andhra bank through sms.

All Andhra bank customers can do their daily banking activities from their mobile by taking M-banking facility and for that they will need to register first for that.

If you want to register for M-banking, then you should have Andhra Bank ATM/Debit card and a Java mobile phones/GPRS features by which you can register for M-banking by visiting Andhra Bank ATM.

You can also register from your bank branch, and now you can also register for M-banking through Internet banking.

How to activate Andhra Bank Mobile Banking/M-Banking-Registration

By using Andhra Banking M-banking facility, you can do various bank activities like checking balance, do mobile recharge, see mini statements, transfer funds, book tickets, etc.

You can do all these activities by downloading app after registration.

Android mobile users can download Andhra Bank mPay mobile banking app that is available now on Play store from which you can download it directly.

Steps for Andhra Bank Mobile Banking Registration

There are three options are available for registering for Andhra Bank Mobile Banking/M-Banking.

You can register through ATM, Andhra bank branch and Internet banking.

  1. ATM
  2. Andhra Bank Branch
  3. Internet Banking

General information

How to activate Andhra Bank Mobile Banking/M-Banking-Registration

  • Registered Mobile Number for SMS alerts is mandatory.
  • If you want to do Registration through ATMs, then you should have Andhra Bank ATM.
  • All Retail banking users can register for Andhra Bank M-banking by using Internet banking.
  • You should also know that only Domestic Resident customers can get Andhra Bank M-banking services.
  • Basic Mobile handset users can get the various facilities including intra or interbank fund transfer through SMS Mode (t&c- maximum of Rs.5000.00 per day).
  • Mobile Banking Application app can be downloaded by the users having Mobile handset with JAVA-GPRS and get the various facilities including intra or interbank fund transfer (t&c- maximum of Rs.50, 000.00 per day).
  • If you do not have Java / GPRS enabled mobile phone, then you can get the Mobile Banking through SMS/USSD (BSNL/MTNL user can avail this facility now).
  1. Registration by Andhra Bank ATM (Registration & De-registration):-
  • Visit any Andhra Bank ATM first.
  • Insert your card, enter PIN and select ‘Mobile-banking’ and register your mobile number for Mobile Banking Services.
  • You will have to accept terms and conditions and type your mobile number twice.
  • After successful registration, you will receive an ATM receipt that contains mPIN (transaction password) and application password.
  • You can also receive an SMS containing link-Mobile banking application.
  • Click on that link, download app and install it to activate M-banking.
  • After installation, you can start the application using the application password.
  • On the first login, you will immediately ask to change the Application password, and you will ask to choose between GPRS and SMS (GPRS is the preferred method for Mobile Banking).
  • You will also have to change mPIN to do transactions.
  1. Registration at Andhra Bank Branches (Registration, Deregistration, mPIN regeneration and Linking/De-linking of account):-
  • Visit any Andhra Bank Branch and file a request for mobile banking Registration.
  • Bank representative will check your request and process it in offline mode.
  • After acceptance of your mobile banking request, you will get mPIN and Application download link on your registered mobile number through SMS.
  • Then you can use this to activate your mobile banking and to do transactions.
  1. Registration through Internet Banking ((Registration, Deregistration, mPIN re-generation):-
  • You can register through Personal Internet Banking (Retail) login.
  • After login, click on ‘Mobile Banking Registration’ under New Initiatives on the Home page and click on ‘Requests’ Tab.
  • Then you can do Registration, Deregistration or mPIN re-generation.
  • You will have to do registration if you did not register earlier for M-banking and select the primary account and then you can link other accounts as secondary accounts.
  • Just confirm your details and authenticate the transaction with transaction password.
  • Your request will be accepted on confirmation for mobile banking, and it will be processed offline.
  • mPIN and Application download link send to your registered mobile number through SMS on successful mobile banking registration.
  • You can also use De-registration option to de-register from mobile banking services.
  • If you forgot anything then, you could re-generation your mPIN, and it will be received over SMS on registered mobile number.
  • You should note that Savings, Current and OD types account can be registered or linked for mobile banking.

Cell phones users to download application

  • Basic mobile phones users- GET service through SMS.
  • JAVA and GPRS enabled mobile phones users- download the Mobile Banking.
  • Application through URL is given through SMS to the Mobile and save the same on their mobile.
  • Android, Windows, IOS mobile handsets users- download the application from the respective stores also.
  • You can also get it through The Internet by login to the portal by giving your mobile number (and MPIN) and can download the application on your mobile.

How to do Andhra Bank Mobile Number Registration

  • Once you have installed the application then, the system will prompt the customer to enter their registered mobile number.
  • Then you will receive an OTP and same you have to be entered there.
  • Then you can set your login or application password, and it can also be reset through “Forgot Password “option.
  • Now, you will have to change mPIN and for that, you will have to enter the four-digit code received through SMS and set your choice of mPIN.
  • Once mPIN changes successfully then, Mobile Banking Menu will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now you can access M-banking.

Andhra Bank Mobile Banking Registration

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