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How to Update/Link PAN Card / Number in Andhra Bank -Online / Offline

How to Update/Link PAN Card / Number in Andhra Bank -Online / Offline: Through this article, we will inform you about PAN card updation process, and you also know how PAN card necessary and important in your banking sector.

PAN number (permanent account number) is essential for your bank account because without PAN number you will not be able to complete several tasks in the field of banking.

Therefore you will need to update your PAN card in your bank account. PAN number represents our government, and this is the unique identification that is declared by our GOI (Government of India).

To update PAN number in Andhra bank account, Andhra Bank provides a KYC form.

You will just need to visit your near Andhra bank and collect the form then fill it correctly.

And you can update your PAN number in your bank account.

How to Update/Link PAN Card / Number in Andhra Bank -Online / Offline

Procedure of PAN card updates in Andhra bank account

  • Visit your nearest Andhra Bank branch.
  • Then ask for KYC form for updating PAN number to the banker.
  • After that fill the KYC form accordingly. You can also ask for help to the banker.
  • And write a letter to bank manager for requesting him to update PAN number with your bank account.
  • Then, submit the photocopy of PAN card that will need to self-attest with your signature/KYC form and the letter which you wrote to the manager.
  • In the case of verification, Show your original PAN card when banker will ask you for that.
  • If everything is OK, then banker will proceed your PAN number to update.

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